Membership Application

We are so excited about your interest in partnering with our Pensacola Bay Baptist Association. We are unceasingly striving to network together to bring God’s Word to bear upon the mission field of Escambia County…and beyond. This is the first step in your connecting to the partnership God has led us as Southern Baptists in Escambia County to embrace for over 100 years. Below is a list of documents to complete, a form to fill out, and guidance for additional information to submit in your application process. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our office. We will be happy to assist.

– Complete and submit a signed “membership application” form.
– Attach a petition letter for Association membership (see example in packet).
– Attach a description of your church’s structure and the various practices of your church.
– If differing from, or in addition to, the Baptist Faith and Message 2000, please attach your statement of faith.
**Note: if you are a church plant seeking partnership with the PBBA, you must also complete a Church Plant Covenant Agreement. Contact PBBA office church planting documents.

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Statement of Faith is best summarized by:
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Affiliated with (an association, convention, or denomination):
Florida Baptist Convention
Southern Baptist Convention

Our church understands:
The responsibilities and privileges of membership in the Pensacola Bay Baptist Association and is committed to working in harmony with other member churches. We understand cooperation in this Association involves participation in the ministry of the association, involvement in the work of the Executive Committee, completion of the Annual Church Profile, and the giving of regular financial contributions ($250/year min.) to the work of the Association. We further understand that we will be in and fully remain in doctrinal harmony and in full support of the Pensacola Bay Baptist Association By-laws.
The people (signatures) below have been authorized by the congregation according to appropriate procedures in the church’s By-laws to pursue and engage the church in membership with the Pensacola Bay Baptist Association.

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