The churches of the PBBA are packed with great ideas for ministry, and helpful documents that guide each church. We want to capture your ideas and documents. We invite you to submit your ministry idea or resource by completing the contact form to the right.

  1. Fill out your church name and email
  2. Select the category your idea or resource falls under
  3. Write a description of your idea or upload the file or idea from your computer from the “choose file” section
  4. If you are submitting a document, such as a personnel policy and procedure or bylaws, you are welcome to replace the name of your church with “Church”

If you have any questions or need assistance submitting your reSOURCE, please contact the PBBA staff at 850-471-3430.

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Dr. Brian Nall

John Lowe, Jeremy Wyatt
& Misty Preston
Children's Ministry with Excellence

Jon Tyner
Revitalizing Worship

Olive Media Team
Media & Communications

Current Ministry Opportunities

We encourage churches helping other churches within the Association. If you have a need within your church (volunteers needed for a project, assistance with facility repair or just an extra set of hands), please let us know. Churches looking for local mission projects will browse the need list and connect to you. This is just another way the PBBA seeks to fight for the missional future of other churches.

Gonzalez Baptist Church is in need of a Bi-Vocational Minister of Music/Worship Pastor.
Please contact the church at (850)968-6224 or email resumes to